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My first attempt was a fail. The flavor was great but the rolls were so dense. I did not get a very good rise. Not sure which step I flubbed up but I will try it again. Maybe too much flour. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I used a mix of whole wheat and bread flour probably my first mistake.

Thank you for your response. I will be sure to follow any advice you give on my next attempt. With whole grain flours in the mix, you might additional rise time. Let it rise longer. Thats just how they work for any kind of baking. But they should still bake to be soft and airy here if given some time. Let me know if you try again. See my whole grain rolls for reference and tips. I will certainly let you know what happens when I make them again. I may stick to all purpose flour the next time just to see what happens.

I never thought to use the others for stuffing. What a great idea!!! Thank you for all the advice. I follow your pages on several sites and use a lot of your recipes. What you provide is amazing and I am grateful to have such a wonderful resource. Made theses for the first time for company lunch and they were blown away. Fabulous, delicious. I used all purpose flour and a cast iron fry pan for baking. Love all your recipes. It was ok bread. From the sound of the recipe I was so excited.

But I was disappointed that they were dry. I omitted the herbs for the first try and just wanted a lightly sweet bread. It needs more oil and perhaps a dash of sweetener. Sometimes a bit extra moist. Maybe they got overbaked? What flour did you use? So good and so tasty! I only had regular flour on hand. The dough was so sticky I could barely handle it. I had figured that should make quite fluffy bread. I am getting some bread wheat and will try again soon.

Also the ratio of oil is a bit low. I am going to double it next time and I expect it to be better. You can add more flour to the dough at any time, before or after rising and lightly knead it in until the dough is less sticky. A bit more flour here and there doesnt matter. Moisture content of ingredients varies and also flour absorption varies, so you can adjust the flour as needed.

Also add oil on the dough once risen, that makes it less tacky. Once the dough is handleable, shape the rolls. I made these last night and they turned out great. The texture of these are amazing, melt in your mouth delicious. I used pumpkin puree instead of sweet potato and it worked perfectly. They went well with the pasta I made.

The hardest part was waiting for the dough to rise. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Tips to make soft dinner rolls Patience :. Letting the yeast do its job of rising adds more moisture to the dough and keeps the resulting baked rolls soft. Keep the dough soft and slightly sticky. It will also stick more while shaping into rolls. Use flour to work.

Brush rolls with aquafaba or cornstarch slurry 2 tsp cornstarch mixed in 3 tbsp water , instead of oil before baking. These rolls dont need much kneading! Just bring it all together and knead lightly until somewhat smooth slightly sticky dough state. These rolls will work with all all purpose flour, a mix of all purpose and whole grain flours, and all whole grain flours as well. You might need a few tbsp less or more flour depending on the flours used. See video for dough consistency and add just enough to make a soft somewhat dough, not dry or stiff.

If using some whole grain flours in the mix, add less flour and keep the dough soft. Thank you so much! A few concerns have already popped up. Flipped the bread over directly on the oven rack — allll the tasty ghee and water started dripping and burning at the bottom of my oven smoky and bummer! The bread being kind of soggy started oozing down the oven rack — is this normal? Hi, Jasmine. Your water and ghee should have been absorbed into the other ingredients before going into the oven. I lost a few of my nuts and seeds to the bottom of the oven when I flipped it, but the rest of it was a pretty solid mass.

I let it sit for about 3 hours before putting it into the oven. Hi Shokufeh, I would think that was the problem also but I let the bread sit for over 24 hours so it definitely had plenty of time to sit, i did substitute the the oats for almond flower after reading another commentor who did the same.. Still need to retry. Hi, just wanted to say I love this bread and it is a total game changer! I also baked it for 35 minutes as I wanted it to be really browned.

Turned out fabulous, thank you! I love this recipe and am so grateful that I found it! Incredible bread! I used quinoa flakes instead of oats, flax meal instead of seeds, and hemp seeds instead of chia seeds. I also used almonds and hazelnuts. I doubled the salt and maple syrup as well. I needed about a half cup more water, let sit for 24 hours and it baked up beautifully. Thank you for this recipe! For a mom who struggles with pumping, thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I am going to share it with all my new-mom friends! Thank you so much for this recipe!

I am a bread novice and this hit the ball out of the park. I was wondering as the ingredients are not you typical bread making ingredients maybe the rules are different. Can you slow bake this bread under 50degrees celcius for a much longer time with the same outcome? Could somebody maybe enlighten me also about basic bread making?

Will it hold better if the dough is more wet if dry? If there is the same amount of physllium and flax for example….. They stimulate milk production for breastfeeding mums as does Brewers Yeast. Hey, just to give you another option — I cannot eat oats so I substitute them with equal parts of almond flour, and it works like a charm. I have also used hemp hearts to replace sunflower seeds when I have run out and it works equally well and is just as tasty! Or with any adjustments? My husband is doing Keto and needs to know before I take the time to make this.

I have done exactly as the recipe says same ingredients, amounts, waited 24 hours and baked for 50 minutes and was wondering what else I could do to fix it?? Please help as I really like the bread. I have been making this loaf for about a year and always found the same problem until recently when I introduced a new method of combining the ingredients:. Step 1. Step 2. In a separate bowl, combine the water, salt dissolve it , then add the chia seeds, psyllium husks, coconut oil and maple syrup if using, I never have.

Mix well and let sit a few minutes to start to thicken up. Once thickening, add to the dry ingredients and combine well. This method has made a HUGE difference for me, as it enables me to evenly distribute the binding liquid throughout the dry ingredients. The loaf sticks together so well now I can even slice it warm from the oven with a good bread knife and eat hot with butter!

Thank you very much for the updated directions! Hi Justyna, I think it is the type of oats you used that can cause the bread to crumble. There are stabilised and unstabilised oats you can buy. The stabilised ones are treated with heat and more dry and therefore a bit more chewier. I think Sarah B has used the fluffy, soft unstabilsed oats which can absorb moisture better, which is the key for holding the bread together as the seeds keep the bread crumbly enough. I had the same issue when I used stabilised oats. You shall be able to check this either on the package or if you buy them in a healthy store ask staff.

The difference is actually noticeable when you have both oats types in your hands. Hope this helps everyone to get around the crumble issue. Not too much, not blitzed to a powder or anything. Worked for me — the bread is much less crumbly this way! Does any experienced bakers have any tips? It sounds like you may need less water or more psyllium in your mix. Try either one of those and I hope it works! And remember that this makes really good toast, so if you leave it in the fridge for a few days, then slice and toast it, it should dry out a bit.

It looks like you have also used the stabilised oats that do not absorb liquid very well. Maybe it is a combination of both, stabised oats, too much water or not enough psyllium husk or chia seeds? I think you should give it another go with unstabilsed soft oats. I made this bread yesterday and I am already dreaming about when I can next eat it! This recipe worked out very good for me! Topped with ricotta, tomatoes and basil. Hello Sarah, yesterday I tried your recipe for this bread for the very firat time.

I sticked to the recipe and everything worked fine til I tried to cut it. It crumbled extremly. Not one slice stay together. No chance to toast it or put something on the top like butter. Do you have an idea what went wrong? I would love to give it a second try. Did you use this recipe full-on? The ingredients keeping it together are psyllium and flax, they both become a kind of gluish pulp when moist.

Also, if you subsitute oats for quinoa, it will be gooier, less keeping together. Also, I have baked it for more time than in the recipe to create the hard crust, usually minutes. You knock on it to see when there is a crust with hollow sound. I make this bread pretty regularly and can offer some help with the crumbling problem.

Sarah does mention to do this and I have found it to be a crucial step. Love this bread! Have made it with orange juice and water mixed for the liquid, with fennel and orange zest added to the basic recipe. USe chopped al onds as my nut. I tried the recipe and followed it to very step but the loaf did not bake properly..

Hi I made the bread the first time yesterday. I used olive oil instead of coconut but otherwise same ingredients but when I added the wet ingredients there was too much liquid so I added a little more of all the dry ingredients. I left it over night. Even after cutting it in half first. Also very dense and heavy to eat. Any suggestions on how to improve for next time. Hi there Enza. The psyllium and flax seeds absorb the water while the dough rests, so your bread has most likely crumbled because you added the extra dry ingredients.

Working with psyllium and flax requires a different technique to normal bread baking. Imm new to bread making, can anyone tell me what size loaf pan to use for x1 recipe? Thank you so much Sarah! Very good. I put a little buckwheat flour in one, still fantastic. Thank you very much for this. Thanks for this amazing recipe One of the best nut bread I have ever tried in my life. It is delicious by itself, along with butter, toasted or eating it as a snack during the leisure times.

I make this with whatever nuts and seeds are left over in the bags in the cupboard. I make this several times a month, freeze and then toast the frozen slices and it is perfect — every time. Thank you SO much!!! Question for Sarah or any of the rest of you, from a newby: I have read that soaking nuts, seeds, and grains helps increase their nutritional value or make the nutrients more available. Would this increase if you let it sit for more time as opposed to two hours, and would it be worthwhile to look for raw almonds, etc. Or would it be best to grind the flax if you want the most nutritional bang for your buck?

Thanks for the great recipe! I have made it once and am looking forward to doing so again. My husband loves this bread! Fairly miraculous. I am curious about flax too. Can someone weigh in? I found this recipe about 1 year and a half ago but was reluctant to try it despite it look in very interesting.

It was too moist and not like bread at all. But, im writing to tell you that i never……ever….. I read other comments and took notice that it is truly important to drink water with this bread. Just thought i would add this……i could talk about this bread forever….. I stuck to the recipe, and let it sit for a little over 3 hours.

Take 2! This bread is amazing!! Thanks so much for the recipe! I just made this bread! It tastes quite good but it did not rise at all!! Very thin loaf, even though I I stuck to the recipe exactly! Any tips? Hi Mariah. Its possible the loaf pan you are using may be too large. Thank you Sarah for all your wonderful recipes, books, and information! I also think its a bit magical how it all comes together so well. No dairy, gluten, soy or eggs — magic.

And I I believe that the one thing that is a must is the psyllium — to bind naturally. I make a loaf every month or so. I froze this loaf. Ate a toasted slice this morning spread with a little coconut oil instead of butter with a small sprinkle of sea salt. Hi Alena…. I know the dilemma! If you cut into it too soon, it breaks apart. I know all this from experience….

I have read hundreds of these glowing comments and feel like there must be something wrong with me…but I just cannot agree. This bread, while easy to bake and tasty to eat, just tore me up inside! I have never been as uncomfortable as I was in the days after eating this bread. I was literally doubled over with cramps and pain. I tried three days in a row…just a small piece with butter and jam. Each day I had the same horrible reaction. I can actually say I was in pain.

As soon as I stopped eating the bread, the gastric discomfort went away. This bread was indeed life-changing for me, but in the worst possible way. It appears I may be among a minority here, but I had to speak up. Hi Susan I have the same reaction unless I drink a lot of fluids when I eat this bread, have no problem then and find it fantastic for digestive system! Might be worth a try??

Vegan Sweet Potato Rolls - Soft Herb Dinner Rolls

Hi, unfortunately, some people do have negative results with psyllium. There are a few folks that are allergic. If you want to find out if it is the cause try a small small pinch in a glass of water. Drink all the water. Then you could consider trying the recipe with more chia and ground flax with the possible addition of a small amount of xanthium gum or guar gum. No garuntee on the results. It sounds like you might be allergic or sensitive to something you put in it.

It is possible to be allergic to psyllium seeds. It would get better with time, if this is the case. I also add spices and usually leave out the maple syrup, using no sugar at all plenty sweet from dried fruits. Today, I used walnuts, cashews, almonds and I always use ground flax seed, never adding extra water. Think Metamucil, without all the crap added. It works fantastically. I just wanted to confirm that I almost always use ground flax instead of whole flax and it always turns out perfectly.

I do not adjust the water. Just made my most recent loaf to freeze to have on hand once my baby arrives. It makes for such a filling, satisfying snack toasted with butter…. What ever king of sugar you used will have the same result have been making this bread ever since Sarah post this you can trust me! This bread lives up to its name in every way. Does not disappoint.

It freezes beautifully. I prefer to mix it in a separate bowl instead of the loaf pan bc it mixes more evenly. I love this bread — the nutty flavor, texture, great base for toppings — but I have been feeling pretty bloated since making and eating this bread for about a week and a half now.

I usually have a piece in the morning for breakfast. Has anyone else dealt with bloating from this bread? This bread is just wonderful. One of my absolute favorites: We make it almost monthly. We have experimented, and have made a couple very slight changes to it and always found it works quite well.

I did a hazelnuts instead of almonds as I prefer this type of nut easier for my stomach. I also used ground flax seed as opposed to chia seeds. Baking it for the first time and I just pulled it out after the first twenty minutes. I had to be very gentle when turning it out. I had to put it on a cookie sheet. Is this normal? Mine too cracked and a lump from the centre fell down.

What happens if we bake in a pan itself? I baked it for 20 minutes, put a cooling rack over it, turned it out, and put the whole cooling grid in the oven for the rest of the baking time. Easy to take out on the rack, too. Very nutritious and wholesome recipe. Will definitely recommend to others! Plus I make a hell of a mess with stuff flicking out and all around the loaf pan! So this time, I tipped everything into a large bowl and mixed it up in there before transferring to the loaf tin and it looks like a more even mixture. I have tried this bread twice and each time it has a bitter soapy taste — not sure what I did wrong!!!

Hey Sabine, I found it a bit soapy too but not too unpleasant. Have you tried to toast it? I found that fixed everything! In fact I even toast it so that the corners get quite crunchy and yummy! Hope this helps, good luck! Hey Sabine, Have been making this twice a month since Sarah post this on her website and never had that experience….

If your not a big oat eater I suggest that you do the same. Hope that help. Toasting the bread had no effect, it was still inedible. I will try again with melted coconut oil which I will melt myself and see if that changes things. I know you commented months ago, Ray, but I used apple pectin instead of psyllium husk.

Like psyllium, it is also a gel-forming fiber. Hi there Sarah, I just wanted to ask how much extra water should be used if using ground or milled flax seeds instead of whole flax seeds? How much more water would you suggest? Healthy, satisfying,easy, versatile, love this entire website. This bread recipe is one of the best. Thankyou Sarah for sharing and helping so many. Love it. Oh, My Goodness! This bread is so wonderful! Its been life changing.

I love the original recipe and have now successfully substituted rice flakes for oats sponger and needs extra water , also worked with cooked buckwheat rather than oats. Have used olive oil instead of coconut oil, have left out maple syrup. It all works and tastes great. Hi there, Could you please tell me how much water extra you used when you replaced the Oates with rice flakes? Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Kylie. As an Australian coeliac I make this loaf all the time with quinoa flakes and never add extra water I never add or replace the maple syrup either. I absolutely LOVE this bread!

This is so perfect! My 2nd batch I ran out of flax seeds and used ground flax with the addition of a little extra water. Still perfect results. Then I tried adding a little extra maple syrup, cinnamon, and golden raisins. Like half a cup at a time. I make it in a bowl, let it rest hours, squish handfuls into the muffin pan, and then keep the 2nd bake phase to 30 minutes. It still works perfectly. Hi there, I made a loaf of this and froze it whole without slicing and am regretting it now! HI, Vinz, I refreeze a number of things.

I need educating. With bread in general, and this one in particular, the main reason to avoid re-freezing would be the change of texture, a weird freezer taste that could possibly appear, and the coconut oil could turn rancid. Try toasting the slices before re-freezing them, to evaporate the extra moisture and avoid any change in flavours. So tasty with the coconut oil and the crunchy hazelnuts — and healthy too Ps love your raw brownies tooooo!!! Made them loads of times — they really satisfy that sweet fix!

It is genius. Psyllium replaces yeast to bind and eliminates the need for so much grain and opens the door to more seeds, nuts and fruit than ordinary bread. Also I add lots of pumpkin pie spices — cinnamon, allspice, cloves, nutmeg, ginger. Awesome, thanks! I stumbled across this bread when it appeared on my FB feed. It is definitely on my to do list for this week. If I wanted to add farro to this bread, not removing any other ingredient, what other adjustments would I need to make? My first loaf is in the oven as I type.

I DID use farro. I cooked boiled it just a little to soften it up just a bit. I had to use Flax powder instead of seed which means, I think, more water was necessary BUT I used a little less water because I also I cut back a little on the oatmeal thinking it would all balance out. I had left it over night wrapped in plastic wrap holding it together. This morning when trying to take the plastic wrap off it was wanting to just fall apart.

Oh well, if it tastes good…. Follow up! I needed more liquid. I like it a lot; in a cold salad, or soup or oatmeal. Adaptable in the same way rice or quinoa might be…or barley. After reading this I went to the kitchen to make this no-bread immediatly! Are the psyllium seeds really necessary? I am excited to bake this loaf of bread! I am baking mini loaves as gifts for my clients this year with a homemade side of fall harvest butter. Has anyone had any experience with mini loaves and baking times?

Any feedback would be much appreciated. We have just launched a blog about activities from our everyday lives in the Arctic. It is great to be able to blog and chat with people around the world even when we live in sparsely populated parts of the world. We have very much benefit from your tips to promote our blog. Thank you and welcome to visit, comment and share our blog too. Hi everyone, I tried this and after the first 20 minutes of baking removed the loaf from the pan and placed it upside down directly on the rack.

It sort of oozed around and I had to remove it or it would have fallen through the rack. What did I do wrong? Any help appreciated, thanks. I would recommend letting it sit for an entire 24 hours before baking it for best results. IT will not hold the shape of the pan, but try it out! I do not use grains and would love to make this. Any suggestions of what I can use instead of oat? I have replaced the oats with veggie pulp from whatever I juiced.. It is amazing to find such a great recipy from yourself.

We have been developing a bread of that type for some time and has come to fantastic results. The Heart of Nature we call it and we have created it as vegan and vegetarian friendly. It is really great to see your article because it makes us feel right about what we do. Hi — I am so thrilled to have found this bread — and everyone seems to love it!

Can I ask — why do you turn it out of the pan half way through baking? And if you keep it in pan, what difference is there? Many thanks — Bec. Thank you so much for this recipe!! I have been making 1 life-changing bread every week for the last 6 weeks; I will never go back to regular bread!

This recipe is so easy, the bread is juste so tasty, and the toasts… the toasts!! The nuttiest toasts ever!! I do have to bake it longer than what is was recommended — 25 minutes in the silicone loaf pan, than around 45 minutes on the grills. A must! Thank you for the positive feedback — it means a lot!

Wow, it was amazing, nutty and crunchy and really delicious. Love your book and your blog, keep it up. I used uncooked, the soaking process sorts that out. Yesterday made the break with white quinoa and it was just as nice. When you used quinoa, did you make any adjustments to the liquid amounts? Thank you so much for an awesome recipe. My brother loves it. I have always thought, I wanted to make this for him. This guide helped me a lot in preparing it and my bro just loved. Keep posting recipes like this. Omg, this recipe looks so promising! But can I just say something about your writing style?

So much flow! Your climax moment when you meet the loaf for the first time… It just made me horny for bread! I friend makes it into a flat bread with dried coconut and raisins. Love the olives and carraway addition as well. Has anyone tried a sweeter version, maybe adding cinnamon and nutmeg?

Might be good! Thank you for this again. In another bowl I mix all the dry ingredients together. I find it easier to gradually add the dry ingredients to the wet ones in a mixing bowl. When all the mixture are completed mixed, I scoop them to the silicone loaf pans. Now my 3rd attempt is perfect. Thanks very much Sarah for sharing the great recipe with us. I have stopped buying supermarket bread.

Thank you so much for this amazing recipe. I have been making, and eating this wonderful bread since November, Hemp hearts and sunflower seeds are wonderful additions. This recipe is very forgiving…. I use ground Flax seed and am surprised at your suggestion of using the seed whole as they are indigestible and have no benefit unless ground. I would like to leave it out all together. Has anyone tried? Have just made this again for the first time in ages.


It is at the resting stage. Looking forward to the eating stage. I love this loaf bread I will come back again for picking up any recipe from your site thank you. We especially like it toasted and spread with ricotta cheese and homemade raspberry jam. Be sure to refrigerate or freeze, as it gets moldy in a warm kitchen. Made this today, but used buckwheat instead of oats. I also added some lingonberries I had in the freezer. It turned out perfect. This recipe is beautiful. I would like to use buckwheat instead of oats. Did you use the same measurement of buckwheat as the oats in the recipe?

Thanks so much for sharing! I use organic unroasted sunflower seeds. I always double the recipe and thenI put 1 tablespoonful of salt — but even more could be used! If I put only 2 teaspoonfuls like in the recipe it would be way too low-salted for my taste. But also this can be adjusted. When you bake, you notice what changes you personally need.

This bread really changed my life! Since then my breakfast problems have been solved! Dear Sarah, this IS definately a really amazing and tasty bread, for sure. But after realising how many calories it has, I was shocked!! It might be good fats and carbs and lots of fibre as well, but at the end of the day, there are people like me who have to look down for the calories. Having calories per slice and I definately have to eat at least two slices to eat myself full, this is a huge factor and has to be pointed out!

It might be a healthy alternative to usual bread with flour, but definately with health restrictions for some of us as well. Thanks for the feedback! If the rest of your diet is full of low-calorie plants, then you have found the right balance. Maybe put in less coconut oil and sugar … I made this loaf about a year ago or so and found it a tad bit too oily and sweet, but still yummy.

Thanks for developing and share this recipe. I baked it in one of those glass convection table top ovens, degrees F for the times given. Condensation all over the glass sides of course, a little concerning at first — loaf a bit moister than expected but that is so much better than too dry and crumbly!

And it may be from the convection oven, heating it longer would have dried it some. Hope the psyllium plays gently on my system but 3 Tablespoons of the powder in the entire loaf should not be a problem.

Grilled Gluten Free Pizza Crust Recipe - using #1-rated gfJules Pizza Mix

I also used Ground Flax Meal which i normally keep stored in the freezer to help keep it fresh. The flax meal simply meant longer baking time by about 10 mins. I used a regular loaf pan lined with parchment paper that hung over the sides so i could easily lift it out after 20 mins. Has any one tried to make this without coconut oil or ghee? My husband hates the taste of both of these oils. He does not mind any other oil ironically but I cant think of another oil that is solid at room temp, so maybe they wont work? Any other thoughts?

I tried it with coconut oil but he immiditaly tasted it and would not have it. I left the oil out by accident once and the bread turned out just fine. I now just add 1 Tblsp. I have to point out that there are plenty of other reputable brands of odourless coconut oil out there, but I find this one to be very good value for money. Hope it helps. I added NO oil.

Perfect results. This is such a high fat recipe. Oil is not necessary. The end result is much better without that extra added grease. Eliminating good the oil reduces calories as well. You can try the refined coconut oil that has no taste. I get organic refined coconut oil by the gal online. This happened for me, too, as I hate the taste of coconut oil.

At first I used olive oil, and it worked well. I only put oil in the pan before putting the dough there, to avoid it sticking to the walls of the pan though it makes it anyway, maybe I should use baking paper. So for me olive oil and rapeseed oil work well, the only change I noticed was better taste! Amazing recipe! Lol Probably the quality of my psyllium is not so great! This recipe uses Psyllium seed Husks. In a lot of places online, they sell Psyllium Husks not seed husks. Can Psyllium Husks be used? I subsitituted ground hemp seeds in place of the psyllium and the bread came out perfectly fine and tasted delicious.

Hemp is a lot easier to find and has a lot of health benefits. Thanks for this. Orla, so happy to come across your comment. How much water did you use? Is it much more than in the original recipe? Olive oil would probably cause your bread to not firm up properly or burn. Avo oil has a high burn point and a buttery taste. Can I use ground flax seeds instead of chia seeds? Will the bread come out of the pan easily in the 1st part when you bake for only 20 mins?

What a wonderful looking recipe! At the moment I am completely grain free, is there any way to make this paleo? I love this recipe, and your whole site! Great stuff! Thanks in advance! I made this with cooked rice a mix of brown, red, white instead of the oats and it worked really well. Has anyone tried food processing the mix into a flour-y consistency before adding the wet ingredients? My husband makes this for us every week it really IS life-changing! It works fabulously! I am like you, not a fan of big chunks, so I ran the rolled oats, nuts and seeds in the food processor.

Not until flour, but just to break it up a little. Maybe five one-second pulses. Worked great. I made this bread a while ago and loved it! Thanks so much for this recipe, I absolutely love it! I made this bread with quinoa flakes instead of oats as well and it turned out great, no need to add extra water. So you just put the bread upside on the actual rack in the oven? I just did that, but it was very difficult to handle.

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Is there an easier way? I works really and this way my 3 year old loves it. I started making this bread once a week, several months ago. A week or so after I started making and eating this bread I realized that my craving for sugar had almost disappeared. This is life-changing bread! Thanks for this comment. I was thinking about adding hemp seeds I was going to half the chia and add the other half hemp. I am out of sunflower seeds do I was going to run to the store. I make this every week and I love it.

During the fall I make a pumpkin spice variation using nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon. I substitute the sunflower seeds for pumpkin seeds. I also decorate the to with a handful of these seeds too. The pumpkin itself becomes half of the water. Also instead of maple, I use molasses. Also, the high amount of fibre in the bread probably reduces the actual number of calories we absorb unless you chew your food very very well, i suppose. If you add a teaspoon of butter which is really all that will fit! Not bad! Could you potentially double the amount for one loaf without ruining the consistency of the final product?

I was thinking of using the toasted bread for veggie sammies, but the pieces of bread end up being a little too short. Can I bake this whole grain bread in a bread machine, or is that really Really not needed? Am super psyched about making dark whole grain Scandinavian bread,. My bread machine warns that using a lot of nuts and seeds will damage the non stick pan in time so best to not use your machine, I know I am addicted to mine!

Vegan Sweet Potato Rolls – Soft Herb Dinner Rolls

Yes, I always use honey instead of maple syrup for this recipe. You can probably sub flax seeds with sesame seeds. Basically, the hotter you heat it, the more potential for reducing nutritional value. Excessive heat can have detrimental effects on the nutritional value of honey. Heating honey higher than degrees F for more than 2 hours will cause rapid degradation.

Heating honey higher than for any time period will cause rapid degradation and caramelization. I replace half of the flax seeds with millet. I also toast all the seeds and oatmeal in a cast iron pan on top of my stove. This breaks the husk of the flax and makes the seeds pop making this even more nutritious…. You could try dates and perhaps other diced and dried fruit or molasses for its iron content, coconut syrup or stevia like Sarah mentioned with spices.

This bread would be great as a savory, stuffing bread with sage in it and thyme. I was once, in the late 70s, a non meat, whole foods person… I eventually in the course of spiritual development began to see the power of grace and gratitude in all things including food. While remaining much the same, I do include some meats, depending on the source… Thank you. Just fabulous. My student brought in some that her father made and now we are all addicted. I over load mine with the slivered almonds and cut back a tiny bit on sunflowers.

Thank you!!! I am also working on turning it into a savory loaf by adding more savory spices salted nuts and a little tiny bit of Italian sausage. A work in progress…. And then the phytic acid and other anti-nutrients and just in the water than then gets cooked into the bread. Cooking kills all good stuff about it.

General questions — not just for this post: Chia — anyone know how to get phytic acid off of chia?? Soaking it just turns it into goo. And eating it without soaking it just binds all other good micronutrients to which just get pooped out. And has anyone heard about regular chia consumption causing leaky gut symptom? And Sarah has mentioned that hemp hearts do not need to be soaked because they are already really digestible, but what about the anti-nutrients?

Should they be soaked too? Should we be soaking all our nuts? Walnuts too? Any way to make them yummier? Can you roast them after soaking, or would that kill the good stuff? Thanks anyone who can teach me a few things on these topics! To answer the soggy nut query — from what I have read, I understand you can soak and rinse nuts then dehydrate them at a low enough temperature to bring back the crunch without damaging nutrients.

You know, you just asked ALL the questions I was confused about…theres really so much of info to absorb.. I hope someone responds!! I suggest soaking most nuts and seeds then draining that water before drying the nuts and seeds on a very low oven temp or dehydrator to retain nutrients. Roasting reduces phytic acid while the bread is baking. Flax is heat sensitive so yes, some nutrition is lost in roasting the bread. Ground flax oxidizes quickly so if you want to use this form, always grind some yourself to use right away.

Never buy already ground flax. Sprouted chia, flax and hemp are actually beneficial for leaky gut due to the great fiber that supports good gut bacteria. After soaking and drying nuts, you get a yummy crunch. Hope that helps. Soaking activates an enzyme phytase that neutralizes phytates. You are not soaking out the phytase. Here is an article that explains it relatively simply. Do you have a breakdown of calories, carbs, fiber, protein, etc.

It baked ok in the oven but ended up very crispy and raised on the outside and sloppy inside, so basically just too much water — hard to avoid with the soaked oats. Once you grind flaxseed, it begins to become rancid, so only grind it right before use. Great recipe! Came out just as in the picture and tasted delicious. I substituted pumpkin seeds for the nuts, which worked really well. Only thing: I found it crumbles quite a bit when I tried to cut some slices to freeze it had cooled completely — so I ended up eating three instead of one oops.

Should leaving it in the oven longer make it less crumbly? Try giving the nuts and seeds a quick blitz first, and then add at least two cups of water. This comes out perfectly held together when I make it that way. I have had this recipe book-marked for a while and finally tried it. It is just the hearty addition I need to go with my soups and salads for lunch. I halved the recipe and made a mini-loaf, no silicon loaf pan so I lined my metal pan with parchment paper.

Love this recipe. I just made it today! I think I will try it with the ground flax next time. I like the taste but the texture bothered my son. Maybe the ground flax will help that. Ground flaxseeds contains thio-cyanate—a cyanide-like compound and should never be given to children. Would you mind sharing the source of your information? I grew up on homemade bread, toasted every single day however sadly I seem to be in the gluten intolerant camp so life with morning toast now means I often skip breakfast and have a second coffee instead ahem..

This turned out beautifully. I put some butter and a bit of honey and OH MY! This bread is life changing and so easy to make I can see myself pre-mixing the dry stuff into ready to go portions so all i have to do is all the wet ingredients. Thank you EVER so much for sharing this truly life changing bread!! Do you grease the pan? Could you substitute any type of seed for the chia seeds? Such as pumpkin seeds or sesame seeds? Also, could you chop up the almonds? And, what about honey instead of syrup? Hi, I have tried a few recipes since I came back from a holiday in Copenhagen, they were expensive and ridiculously laborious.

Some friend put the link to your recipein her page before Christmas. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I baked my first loaf and absolutely love it. I take two slices to work and toast it up for a snack. I have made this wonderful bread and substituted the rolled oats with quinoa flakes. I use a nonstick pan as I will not use silicone and otherwise following all instructions. Unfortunately, the bread comes out looking beautiful but is still very damp inside, even after cooking for much longer.

I love the taste and will persist but can someone please tell me what I can do to remedy this? Wonder if, after baking time is done, leave the loaf in the oven after you have turned it off and let it cool in the heat a bit longer. Would that possibly help to make the center less damp? Also, have you checked your oven temp to make sure it is right? Just another thought as I typed! You have to remove it from the pan after the first 20 minutes and bake it further not in pan.

I made it the other day for the first time,I love it, and what I did, I used a regular breadpan but used parchment paper in it and baked it for the 20 minutes, then I lifted it out of the pan, easy with the parchment paper , took that off and placed just the bread on the rack in the oven and baked for 40 more minutes, not damp at all after that, hope that helps you. I followed the instructions exactly and also checked my oven temperature was correct. I cooked it until it looked burnt on the outside but still wet inside.

I did replace the oats with quinoa flakes as I can not eat oats and think this may be causing the problem. I just do not know how to fix it! Thank you for this amazing recipe! Hi this is a fabulous recipe and we make it every week — especially great as I am intolerant to yeast and sour dough so this is the only bread I have been able to eat regularly for ages. TIP — I discovered by accident that if you use boiling water you do not need to soak the recipe overnight, or at all.

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Works perfectly every time. I also never bother with the maple syrup, or chia seeds as they are really expensive here. I so much love this bread. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful recipes Sara. Holiday joy with this bread! I also am so in love with this recipe which a New friend bestowed to me on our first meeting. I thank her every time we meet for such a gift. Inspiration runs wild and I spiced it up with orange juice and orange zest with cranberries and a bit of cinnamon for a holiday sweet bread. My family loves it, even the kids. I love the sweet and fresh smell on a crisp snowy morning.

Happy Holidays to All! This looks yummy yummy, and surely is the real deal healthy! Bless and thx for a great work. Hi all! They seem to be a better binder for the bread and less annoying when eating flaxseeds always get stuck in my teeth! That being said, this bread definitely IS life-changing.

Super duper filling, healthy, and delicious when toasted. Has anyone ever tried this without the oil? Any substitute work for it? Can it be left out? I hate to waste these expensive ingredients… Thanks for any feedback. Friend who used to do weight watchers and is now doing it again mentioned to me that they have changed the diet, it now includes fats but cuts way back on the carbs.

She has lost more weight this time than ever before and finds it is much easier to keep to the diet. I love the simplicity and versatility of this recipe.

I have been focusing on reducing some of my symptoms for Hashimotos, adrenal fatigue and leaky gut. I am using rice malt syrup as the sweetener substitute and adding in a pinch of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla too! Thank you!! Hello Sarah! Lots of love, Emanuela. We have it in Poland. Best regards, Alexandra. Thanks a lot for your tips :! Just found your website and would love to make your bread.

You can use whole almonds. You will slice them as you cut through the bread, like the hazelnuts pictures here. I have made this with whole almonds but have also used pecans. Once the bread is baked and well cooled I usually store overnight in the fridge before I slice it slices nicely but you still do need to be a bit careful.

Thanks Sarah!! This bread is truly wonderful. We make it almost every week. We have experimented, adapted and played around with it and always found it works well unless you accidentally omit the psillium or leave it to soak in the bowl rather than pressed down in the pan ready to cook. We usually double the recipe, omit the sweetener altogether and often the chia too — not really needed for the recipe to work and bake one in a silicone pan and one in a normal loaf pan. Seems to work every time. Hi Sarah! I made this bread for the first time and it was much more crumbly than how I suppose it should be.

Barely able to slice it but still a delicious breakfast! Can you let me know where I went wrong? I worked out the calories multiply by 4. I also checked out hemp seeds, dehulled, as I wanted to put those in my version. I made this twice. Needed more water both times, and left to stand overnight. And, I am not a vegetarian, and am going to use butter, yeah, from cows. Here are the calories, Be afraid, be very afraid! She is a student of Nutritional Medicine here in Sydney. I used instead of nuts. I just got the loaf out of the oven after the first bake. Good luck! And PS — the cracker version of these found elsewhere on this site is equally amazing and has become an essential food item when I go back country hiking!

I made this bread yesterday. I used metal bread tin. I sprayed with olive oil and then mixed in tin and followed rest of instructions. I guess I left it for about 7 hours. It came out easily for the 2nd cooking and it is great. I halved the hazelnuts. Thanks for the recipe. What a fantastic bread! I slightly adapted it and post it on my allergen free site in French.

Love your work! In my humble opinion this very popular and wonderful recipe needs to be amended. Non organic psyllium husk is very terrible. Comes with a health warning in the States. Thanks for this info. I checked my bottle of non-organic psyllium husk powder and it does indeed have a warning. I am in the process of completing my first attempt of your recipe. The bread looks amazing! I had a bit of trouble to remove the bread from the pan before the last part of the cooking.

Maybe you can suggest me something to put on the pan dairy and flour free, if possible! I make it as is, except I use a ceramic bread dish to bake and double the recipe so the bread slices are larger. Sincie discovering your bread online, I make a fresh loaf every 3 weeks, chill overnight, thinly slice then freeze the sliced bread. I toast slices a day with peanut butter and honey for breakfast. Leaves bread crispy a the edges and the nuts and seeds well toasted to being out all the flavors.

It truly has changed my life… no need for scones, muffins, flour-based morning breads anymore! Sounds delicious!! Theresa I like the idea of a ceramic bread dish. Way to Go. Hi Sarah, I have posted a variation to your bread on my web, with a link to your original. Would you be interested to connect through facebook? I am a business-starting Certified Health Coach. Since I already had all the ingredients except the oats, I decided to substitute them with a gluten-free baking mix rice, corn starch, millet, guar gum.

Big mistake! I left it in the form and baked it another 40 minutes. After cooling, I was able to get it out of the form, but when I cut it open, it was still completely wet inside. I put it back into the oven in a shallow baking pan at low temperature, checking every 20 minutes or so, and finally after two more hours! It still seemed too moist in the middle, but it was nonetheless edible…and delicious! Another thing that may have contributed to my problems was that I had ground both the nuts and the flax seeds, since this is how I had always baked in the past, although one would think that should have made it drier and not wetter.

Another theory is that I had left the dough out overnight, but covered in plastic wrap, so that might have prevented some of the water from evaporating. I love the ideas in the comments about using hemp or sesame seeds, or leftover juice pulp instead of the oats. Its a Great recipe and it will be Chance my life! Hi Sarah, I made this fabulous bread this morning. I put the ingredients together yesterday afternoon and cooked it this morning. Your instructions for cooking worked perfectly well. I used a non-stick loaf pan and it worked for me. Thank you very much for sharing such a delicious and healthy recipe.

Nathalie, Vancouver. I am beyond excited to try this recipe. Purchased the last of what I need today, and will start on Monday. I hear you all laughing—lol—I will—swearswearswear! I may try making this into crackers also—wine pairings please!!!!!! So many comments but no one is raising my question…. I put it in my fridge and now its almost a week old. Please someone let me know if the loaf is supposed to sort of ……remain damp. The problem may be that it sat in the fridge for a couple of hours before baking it. Since the bread was cold when it went in the oven it would have taken longer to bake.

Try leaving it on the counter instead. Hi All, Love this bread! Made it a few times between myself and other family members. Made a batch just the other day — and the loaf for some reason has this BITTER bizarre taste… its kind of like a rancid taste, Could anyone offer me some assistance of what it could be, followed the recipe as I always do and added in just as normal but for some reason its just got this yucky taste, mostly after taste. I toasted them and it made no difference. Have to checked your flaxseed? Have a look into the shelf life of Flaxseeds and how to best store them. This bread is Amazing, I have tried to do this from a different site of another foodblogger and turned our simply unedible.

A shame because I had to toss the whole loaf away. What amaze me of the NEw Roots book from where I took the recipe is that every recipe turns out just grat, as the ones of the blog. By the way I did this on sunday and it came out great. I left the batter to rest in the microwave overnight and in the morning I baked it. It slices perfectly and toasted is even better! I tried this recipe this weekend for the first time. It was very easy. I am recommending it to my clients, and I will be making a loaf for myself every weekend.

Hi, a friend sent me your recipe and I made it for a challenge. I will be blogging it tomorrow, with a link back to this post. Hope that is OK with you? Thanks so much Tandy. I love this bread! I have made it at least 12 times already and it has been wonderful addition to my low carb. Tip: When I mixed the ingredients in a separate bowl before placing it in the loaf pan, and then slowly add the liquid at the same time, the bread became more sturdy and not as crumbly.