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Kevin didn't do all the work. Tom Holland , who has played the webbed hero since , recently said he had full confidence in Sony being able to continue the Spider-Man franchise without Marvel's involvement. When news of the Sony-Marvel split was first announced, Sony expressed their disappointment at how things had worked out. Many fans wasted little time calling for a boycott of the hit movies - while others went further still and said that year-old actor Tom should refuse to play the character. Got a story? It reminds us that Ragnarok has happened, that Spider-Man is under Stark's thumb, that Scarlet Witch and the House of M are still sitting very high in the nation's collective consciousness, that the mutants are still struggling with the fallout of M Day and the , and that there is a high level of fear towards all superheroes brewing in the American government.

Especially, The New Avengers Illuminati, is an impor This worked well as a quick primer of the major events that came before Civil War. Especially, The New Avengers Illuminati, is an important read. It explores the tenuous bonds between Marvel's core heroes that lead the other heroes.

The secret history of this group is going to be integral to the Civil War story and most of that history is recapped in this volume. You could probably make it though the main Civil War story without needing to read this collection, but if you are looking to supplement the Civil War story, this is absolutely your first stop.

In fact, I would highly recommend reading this before you even attempt Civil War, just to add depth and meaning to the whole experience. Aug 22, Brad rated it liked it Recommends it for: crossover completists. Shelves: comics , marvel. Doom he literally comes back from hell , but feels mostly like it's introducing a chess piece in the return of Thor's enchanted hammer. Straczynski and Garney's Spider-Man story tries to show off all the moral complexities in the Civil War books, but is mostly talking heads again.

Spider-man also gets his "iron spider" costume; it's hard to explain why they changed such a recognizable costume. All in all, I'm somewhat disappointed with how Civil War's starting. Dec 31, Sookie rated it liked it Shelves: graphic-novels. Friends and families stood on opposite sides when the line got drawn. Tony Stark does what he thinks is best for humanity without acknowledging repercussions of his own actions.

House of M gets mentioned in which Scarlett Witch messes with reality and Hulk's destruction of Vegas. These two become triggering factors to half of the public that is weary of collateral damages induc [Re-read after half a decade] A glimpse into the events that would one day lead to a massive rift between superheroes. These two become triggering factors to half of the public that is weary of collateral damages induced by Superheroes.

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Good start to a promising arc. Mar 29, Nate Meadows rated it liked it.

Does Marvel's Official Timeline Just Confuse Things More?

Iron Man and Mister Fantastic are assholes They shoot Hulk into space, manipulate Spider-Man, and keep secrets from everyone "for their own good". I can see no reason why anyone would side with them at all, other than that I really liked it. The act that pushes the government into passing the Superhero Registration Act makes a whole lot more sense and is much more horrifying than the one in the movie also. Dec 29, Kayla rated it it was amazing Shelves: library , graphic-novel-comic-book. I loved the beginning of the Civil War series.

Airport Battle Part 1 - Captain America Civil War

I forgot how much I loved some of these characters, especially The Thing. I'm interested to see what happens next.

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I have all of the comic books in the series, and will probably binge read them tonight, before I have to return them to the library tomorrow. Apr 27, Amanda rated it liked it Shelves: 3-star-books , read-in , graphic-novels-and-comics , sci-fi. The art wasn't my favorite, but the writing and storyline were great! Civil War is coming Jan 29, Tiara rated it liked it Shelves: comics , graphic-novel , marvel-comics. Jul 26, Bethany rated it really liked it.

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  7. This comic departed from the franchise, offering much needed clarification in between the events of Age of Ultron and Civil War. The legality issues regarding the Accords, the responsibility several wanted to issue superheroes and superhumans. It is something that I think I could attempt to write about in-depth, but the short of it remains I'm more Libertarian, and as much as I believe in accountability - forced accountability can only lead to the loss of our freedoms. Which is why I really enjo This comic departed from the franchise, offering much needed clarification in between the events of Age of Ultron and Civil War.

    Which is why I really enjoyed how the U. S Civil War was mentioned. Tony is serious about wanting to preserve the option to stay out of the public's limelight, he also doesn't want the Hulk to be forced into isolation. This comic mainly follows him, Tony, during these conflicts, save for members of The Fantastic Four. The writing was really well done, and the artwork perfectly fitted the scenes and current moods. This one was able to be as serious and honest about what the heroes were facing, while still funny and heartfelt.

    Peter Parker, a welcome character not only made me laugh, but inspired Tony to act with more caution and self respect. Parker Goes to Washington is the best part. Jul 15, C. Moore rated it really liked it. A good introduction and background to Civil War - definitely got me excited to read through the next three volumes in the series. Jan 22, J'aime rated it it was amazing Shelves: graphic-novel , marvel-dc. They set the stage. Of the few I've read so far, this is the best set-up collection I've seen. The most important aspect of this book is the Illuminati one shot.

    The greatest superhero geniuses with one glaring omission, but he has anger management issues have gathered and decided that they will meet in secret to try and determine a course of action should future Earth-level disasters emerge — the idea is to use their collective brilliance to help prevent events such as the Kree-Skrull war from devastating Earth.

    He literally prophesies what is to come, and so believes the group should embrace the Act. Strange declares that they would be giving in to fear and ignorance and many of their peers would fight to the death to protect their rights. The group is at odds and the stage set. An interesting side note is the Professor X has not been seen since the House of M failed.

    After the one shot, a brief story wherein Dr. Only, is that really his agenda? Overall, this was an excellent collection of issues that does set the stage for Civil War. Highly recommended. Oct 10, Christian Petrie rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novel. I had heard about the Marvel Civil War story arc when it was being first published.

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    The concept was interesting and I was curious. When I saw this book at the library, I thought it would be a good way to get started into it. I was already familiar with what happens during the Civil War and which super heroes were on which side. This is graphic novel is a good way to lead into the story arc. It helps to tie events from the past into the Civil War. You can see how the events in the Fantastic Four issues tie in shortly after the New Avengers comic.

    How the MCU Was Made: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and Crafting a New Spider-Man

    However, you can't see how it will tie into the Civil War. Finally, the Spider Man issues lay the ground work for the Superhuman Registration Act and ends with the events that start off the the Civil War. While reading it, you sense the foreboding events that lead to the Civil War. This sense, helps to get you interested in reading the actual Civil War stories.

    However, the low point is the Fantastic Four issues, as you can't figure how it will play into the Civil War. That's not to say it's bad, but feels out of place. Perhaps reading the Civil War issues will clear that up. Overall, if you are planning on reading the Civil War stories, then this is a good way to get started. On the other side, if you are not interested in it, then you can skip this. Well, now I know what lead to the Superhero Registration Act, although I don't know how much that cleared up for me haha I had no idea that Peter Parker worked as Tony's assistant.

    Tony must be like, almost 50? I imagine him to be RDJ's current age. I realize that Reed is a strong figure, but I did Well, now I know what lead to the Superhero Registration Act, although I don't know how much that cleared up for me haha I had no idea that Peter Parker worked as Tony's assistant. I realize that Reed is a strong figure, but I didn't care for the side story about the Fantastic Four, and Doom, and Thor's hammer, and Ragnorak.

    As if they decided to just send the Hulk away without telling him! They straight up tricked the guy! Also: I like how at their council meeting, they acknowledge that the X-Men and mutants are feared and persecuted, yet everyone else is regarded as a hero. So random haha Sep 05, Trin rated it it was ok Shelves: graphicnovel. Less interesting than the Iron Man: Civil War collection I read, and sadly, just as confused, as Marvel insists on assembling the stories that make up this arc in a seemingly random order.

    I feel like I am being punished for only being a casual comics reader. Screw you too, Marvel. Shiny comics: even when you are stupid and confusing, I will always take you back… Aug 15, Victor rated it liked it Shelves: comics. Neither of them have another solo movie on the schedule, and how much longer can we seriously expect Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans to stay at Marvel? Could the two-part Avengers: Infinity War be as much about reuniting the pair and bringing their story to a close as it is a fistfight with Thanos?

    One of the effects of the original Civil War comic was the splitting of the Avengers into Iron Man's pro-registration team in the Mighty Avengers series and Cap's underground heroes in New Avengers. We knew that the Avengers choose sides for the new film, but we didn't realise that Phase 3 was going to be a two-team world. Marvel has traditionally been big on its origin stories, and that's what we thought we were going to get with the Chadwick Boseman-starring Black Panther in But with Cap's Avengers hiding out in his hyper-advanced African nation Wakanda, and the movie being the next best chance to feature the Avengers after Doctor Strange , Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and the apparently off-world Thor: Ragnarok , it might turn out to be more of a Civil War -style ensemble piece than we predicted.

    For the first time, we have a new Peter Parker who isn't operating in a vacuum where he is apparently the first and only superhero of note.

    Comic Book Revolution

    Paul Bettany's synthetic humanoid Vision starts off as the comic relief as things grow increasingly bad between Cap and Iron Man, but he has his own dark turn as his relationship with Wanda gets more complicated. In the comics, she happens to be his ex-wife, and trust us when we say that got very messy. There have also been various stories where his search for humanity and Ultron-related origins have seen him lose his emotions and even try to create peace on Earth under a totalitarian regime.