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He absolutely loved it.

At heart he was a museum curator and he liked to keep it all perfect. The castle features drawing rooms and a library, paintings and furniture collections, a flying staircase, nine bedroom suites in the main wing and room to sleep five in another wing.

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Produktbeschreibung The unexpected suicide of an apparently happy family man; a woman held captive for three years in a forgotten underground bunker; a middle aged clergyman at a crisis point in his life, drawn into an uncomfortable relationship with a teenaged girl. Against the backcloth of these interwoven tales comes the story of two very different men who meet accidentally and are dramatically thrown together. Piet Steyn and Granville St Clair happen both to be out walking at dawn on a country lane when they unintentionally become joint witnesses of a domestic tragedy.

There is one aspect of what they see that morning which they feel compelled to keep secret - a decision that will later have appalling repercussions for them both.

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