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The Joseph Communications: Revelation: Who You Are, Why You're Here (Unabridged)

Each transcription undergoes a three-step process that meets scholarly standards designed to ensure accurately transcribed texts. The Joseph Smith Papers will also make detailed historical research easier. Because this comprehensive project will offer a deep pool of primary sources, including many that scholars would not otherwise have been able to locate, The Joseph Smith Papers will lift the standards and accuracy of future scholarship dealing with Joseph Smith and early Church history. Although more comprehensive record keeping did not emerge until , Joseph Smith and John Whitmer began in the summer of to assemble the revelations the Prophet had received to that point.

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By early , with the first book of revelation manuscripts in Missouri, Joseph and his scribes procured another book in which to copy revelations. It was created from late February or early March to the end of The first volume in the Revelations and Translations Series features these two books of revelation manuscripts.

These manuscript books were no longer used after publication of the Doctrine and Covenants but were safely stored with other Church records. Following the publication of the Doctrine and Covenants in , these two manuscript books were largely ignored because the published volumes were available.

Revelation Book 2 had not been readily accessible until the Church published images of the original manuscripts as part of its Selected Collections from the Archives DVD collection. Revelation Book 1 contains the earliest known copies of many revelations and, in some cases, the only surviving early manuscript copies.

It was the source for the revelations published in the first issue of the Church periodical The Evening and the Morning Star.

Four leaves that had been removed from the book at some point are currently owned by the Community of Christ Library-Archives in Independence, Missouri, and are being reproduced with permission in The Joseph Smith Papers. Revelation Book 1 is a near comprehensive collection of early revelations, containing 64 of the 65 items published in in A Book of Commandments 2 as well as 95 of the sections published in in the Doctrine and Covenants.

Only 10 items from the manuscript book do not appear in either A Book of Commandments or the Doctrine and Covenants. Sometimes changes were required to clarify wording. Occasionally, later revelations would supersede or update previously received revelations, necessitating the editing of documents to alter previous versions.

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Various other changes were also made from time to time. Most of these, such as dividing the text into verses or clarifying meaning, did not involve substantive corrections. Joseph and his associates were appointed by the actions of Church conferences to prepare the revelations for publication by correcting the texts. Recent analysis of both manuscript revelation books reveals how and when many of the changes were made. For example, some changes were made before selected items were published in Missouri, while others were made in Ohio before the publication of the Doctrine and Covenants.

One common example involves changes made by Sidney Rigdon.

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He also corrected grammar and changed some of the language to clarify and modify words and meaning. In a few cases, more substantive changes were made as revelations were updated for the Doctrine and Covenants. For example, section 20 was originally received in , before much of the leadership structure of the Church as we know it today was revealed to Joseph Smith.

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By Joseph had organized many offices and quorums by revelation. To include this newly revealed ecclesiastical order, several text changes and additions were incorporated into section Our current verses 65—67 on ordaining men to priesthood offices, for instance, had been revealed after the publication and were subsequently added to the publication.

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He made additional changes, including adding surnames to individuals mentioned in the revelations, just before the Doctrine and Covenants was published in Does God really exist and, if so, why is He so distant and indifferent to the suffering in the world? If God is benevolent, why is there so much violence, illness, and discord in the world? Are we destined to destroy this planet or is there something we can do before it is too late?

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With its practical approach to spirituality, Revelation will empower you by disclosing the essential truth about yourself and your spiritual heritage - whilst making you aware of the active part you play in creation and the miraculous things you are capable of achieving. Listeners Also Bought See All.