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My daughter's slumber party precluded me from making the drive. The link is currently broken. One of my favorite writers and regional native Stewart O'Nan who like so many artist who grew up in NWPA takes every chance he has to distance himself from us Sigh will be reading on Wed.

It's at and free and open to the public. Posted by Dittman at PM 0 comments. In a good way. Lots of backlogged information The Franklin Y is collecting cookies to give as a show of sympathy to the McFeely family; their son, and my ex student, Kyle, died recently, the subject of my last blog post.

Drop the sweets off by Friday. Call the Y at for more info. You know those postcards you used to be able to buy with the fisherman with the huge walleye or the hunter with the rabbit as big as a VW? Stop by the site, check out the giant leaves, send an e-card, and then submit a photo - I really would like to see some Northwest PA representation here. I'd do it myself, but alas, my photoshop skills are limited to putting my head on better looking bodies. There's nothing wrong with a little light hearted newspaper column, but, wow, Sherry Rieder's tale in The Erie Times News of wanting to get a get a tattoo to go along with her permanent eyebrows And that's not even mentioning the fact that she places the Maori people as an African tribe.

I expect more from The ETN. I own a water system? Other less pleasant surprises are as foot as well. Nationally, I've seen a lot of sad things, but this NYTimes photo of Ethan Hawke trying to dress like Jack Kerouac brings a sour taste to the back of my throat like nothing else. Posted by Dittman at AM 0 comments. Monday, October 17, One of my favorite ex-students was killed this weekend. I'm pretty bummed. Posted by Dittman at AM 1 comments. Saturday, October 15, Duncan Prahl's Bar animals. Campus was silent yesterday - midterms and all I guess - the young women who used to come to class perfectly coiffed and made up now stagger in wearing sweats and perscription glasses - the young men already working on the beer guts they'll carry into middle age.

My lit class has dwindled sharply which is kind of nice from 32 to about 15 - we can now sit and talk instad of lecture-quiz repeat - a good mix as well of race, class, ethinicty, age, and interests, although the students who remain are predominatly female. Unless it's a Michael Budai work. He still owes me the posters I paid for.

Anyhow, Pittsburgh Artist Duncan Prahl has what seems to be a very idyllic life - by day he works for a Green as in eco building company and by night he builds little plastic animal still lifes lives? Want to come to the Sly Fox Mr. Just some ideas As strange as this sounds, the usually sophomoric Pittsburgh City Paper has been the only media outlet that attempts to wrestle with deceased Pittsburgh native playwright August Wilson's thorny racial politics.

And while I'm thinking about that - why doesn't Erie have an alternative weekly? Just for fun, I opened a Venango area on upcoming. Nothing added yet, but feel free to use it. Upload, download, whatever, no big whoop.

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Horsemans bridechr. To whom it may concern is anyone really listening. Andinavens ven i italien bind 3 danish editionp. Psicopatologia e semiologia dos transtornos mentais portuguese edition. Amor em cores portuguese edition. Field guide to the birds of mexico and adjacent areas belizea.

Played around with some different designs for the blog yesterday.

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I think that a theatre presence in the downtown area of small cities is vital. So it was with mixed feelings that I saw this article detailing the Cinemas' shift to a "dollar theatre" format. While I'm pleased that a long term lease has been signed, I'm hoping they won't let this almost 40 year old theatre fall into further disrepair. It looks like a self-published book, not that there's anything wrong with that, but what really interested me was the title that erieblogs compared it to, The Mad Cook of Pymatuning : A Novel Has anyone read this?

Notes from a Small Town

How did a Brooklyn boy end up writing about the place where ducks walk on the backs of carp? Area performers may want to strike while the iron's hot and line up a spot in Clarion's inagural First Night celebration. I stopped reading the Pittsburgh Post Gazette with any regularity when they stopped buying freelance articles, but I stopped by their web site today, only to find an article on brewpub takeouts that quotes both the Titusville area Four Sons Brewery owner Thom Sauber and Slippery Rock's North Country Brewing Co.

Check it out , but I warned you Posted by Dittman at AM 5 comments. Wednesday, January 04, Depressed about your chances of ever publishing that novel you have stored away in the drawer? The NY Times says what I always tell my students - you have a better chance of being struck my lightning - even if you're a big famous author.

Locally: The HO scale holiday train display is being held over in Elmenton. Viewing time is noon to 5 p.


Saturdays and Sundays. Further information can be obtained by calling While you're there, take the drive over to Foxburg and enjoy some of the sulfite free wines of the Foxburg Wine Cellar. Most interesting temp job in the region?

Obit writer at the Erie Times News. First, a little self promotion: You can check out my article on the St Vincent Archabbey Gristmill in this month's Pennsylvania magazine available at the Franklin Public Library if you don't want to buy. You can also go their web site for a free sample issue, if you want to take your chances I just received a note that the cover art for my book Small Brutal Incidents is completed. You can preorder it for the low, low price of eightbucks and change at Amazon.

I spent all day working on my next manuscript, an introduction to the Beat Generation, which , yes, was due in my editor's hands last week. Hopefully, I'll soon end up with some interesting magazine or newspaper assignments that will further distract me from finishing this beast. Ebooks

But enough about me. If anyone knows anything about the Festival, drop me a line , please. Conneaut Lake Park has been named to Preservation Pennsylvania's 14th annual listing of the state's most endangered historic places, "Pennsylvania at Risk Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Venangago-go features arts and culture news from Northwestern PA, along with interviews, reviews, and free and legal music downloads. Subscribe To Posts Atom. All Comments Atom. All Comments.

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Burroughs, Neal Cassady, and Tom Wolfe. Dittman focuses on the facts surrounding [Kerouac's] life and literature and provides many alternative views of these events which students should find intriguing. But his life changes forever when the Ketchum family forces him to find their murderer. With the violence of war fresh on his mind, Burns fights his way through a list of baffling, dead-end leads every day, before sinking to the bottom of a bottle every night.

When his path finally leads him full circle, Burns is caught in a familiar game -- one of survival.

It's kill-or-be-killed, and smart money goes to the man who has nothing to lose. Venango County Authors Bibliography. The Voices in My Head phones. My Blog List. Inside Oil City. Barrow-Civic Theatre. Joann Wheeler Fine Art from Detritus.